7 Great International Photo Spots in Tokyo for Instagram

7 Great International Photo Spots in Tokyo

Tokyo is such a great city because you can find almost anything you want there. And if you’re visiting and looking for the best photo spots for Instagram, you’ll struggle under all the choices. You can go with traditional Japanese or more modern Japanese backgrounds.

But, if for some reason you’d like to forgo the Japanese aesthetic completely and go for something more international, here are some great spots inspired by other countries around the world. You can find some really cute and unique backgrounds for your next profile picture in Tokyo!

Pretend like you’ve traveled the world from the convenience of never leaving Tokyo. You can see building architecture and background scenery as if you were in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, and more!

1. Turkey: Tokyo Camii

Tokyo Camii is a Turkish mosque located in Shibuya. It’s also one of the largest in all of Japan. You don’t need to be Muslim to enter the site, though they do request a headscarf be worn if you do enter.

While I personally don’t feel comfortable taking pictures at a religious site, it is also a Cultural Center and the architecture is beautiful. The stained glass and domed ceilings are breathtaking. I wouldn’t fault you for wanting to share the gorgeous interior on Instagram.


2. Germany: Takanawa Princess Garten

Takanawa Princess Garten is a beautiful garden in Minato Ward. It is actually modeled after the real German city of Rothenburg.

Because it’s so picturesque and the buildings look like they’re straight out of a fairy tale, it’s a popular spot for photos. Often, you can see wedding shoots here as well as commercials!


3. Italy: La Vita

La Vita is another real-world inspired location. If you couldn’t tell by the canal bridge and gondola, it’s supposed to look like a Venetian side street. It’s a small area so there are only a few angles that you can get photos from, but they all look beautiful.

There are a few commercial businesses, such as hair dressers and restaurants, in the area. But I think most people come here to pretend that they’re in Venice.


4. Italy: Shiodome Italian Town

The atmosphere is very cosmopolitan at Shidome Italian Town. If you’ve ever watched the popular TV J-Drama Hana Yori Dango, you may recognize this area. The tall buildings and cobbled streets make it look like you’re in a different international location.

In addition to taking cute street photos, this area is also very popular for motorcycles and fancy cars. You can often see people posing with them for photos or just showing off.


5. Mexico: Fonda de la Madrugada

This is actually a long-time Mexican restaurant, so you can’t really just pop in for a photo. But why would you when you could get a photo and Mexican food? The most iconic spot is at the stairway up to the restaurant area, so you really can’t miss it.

The interior tiles and furniture were all imported from Mexico, so you know it’s the real deal here!


6. America: Odaiba Seaside Park

For reasons unknown to me, Odaiba’s Seaside Park has a replica of the Statue of Liberty. If you can’t fly all the way out to New York City, a photo with this lady liberty would do!


7. Vietnam: Sanagi Shinjuku

Sanagai Shinjuku is a restaurant that serves various types of Asian street foods. It’s laid out with four different vendors to give the feel of a food stall village. You can dine on dim sum, noodles, and Thai chicken, among other dishes.

The ceiling of the restaurant is lined with illuminated lanterns. It’s supposed to be inspired by the lantern festivals of Hanoi, Vietnam. You can get some cute pictures here while eating some delicious food.