The Best Harajuku Instagram Photo Spots

The Best Harajuku, Tokyo Instagrammable Photo Spots

Going to Japan, it’s not difficult to get swept up in the cuteness and fashionability. If you’re looking to show off your new surroundings, what better place than the most trendy area of Tokyo: Harajuku? The shops and restaurants on this list all have spots that provide great backdrops for you to pose against.

Some are clothing shops; some are cafes; some are just random buildings. Some built spots specifically for photos while others are just happy coincidences. But they’re all popular spots to get pictures with. Here are 11 of the most popular backdrops for Japanese Instagrammers in Harajuku, Japan.

1. Style Nanda Harajuku

Style Nanda is primarily a makeup store from Korea. They also sell clothing at this location too. Besides the reasonably priced makeup, the main draw for many teenagers to visit is their photo op spots on the upper floors. There’s sometimes even a line to take a photo.

You may have seen some Instagrammer photos in the pink pool, like the photos above. (Even my own Instagram feed features a shot from here.) Farther up on the next level is an American diner style background, though it’s not nearly as cute.


2. Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 

While this isn’t is pink and cute as a lot of other locations on this list, it’s another iconic spot that a lot of people take pictures at. It’s located in the Tokyu Plaza building right in the front as you ascend or descend the escalators and stairs.

Because this spot wasn’t built for photos, please be aware and courteous of other shoppers around you. Don’t block the way for your photos and don’t spend a long time there trying to get the perfect shot if it’s busy.


3. Bubbles Harajuku

There are actually two Bubbles locations, but this one is located in Harajuku, near Meiji Jingumae Station. The exterior of the store is very cute and pink. They also have a bench and ferris wheel outside specifically for photos.

Bubbles is actually a clothing store, so why not check out their cute clothing selection while you’re at it? For the cuteness, their clothing is very well priced. You can get cute, Harajuku style clothing and shoes for around 5,000 yen.


4. Coisof

Coisof is an ice cream and dessert shop. Their sweet treats alone are super cute. But they also have a colorful wall with pastel bits and bobbles that you can pose against. Sometimes they even have things you can pose with. Just be sure to use their #coisof when posting like they have on the walls!


5. Miss Faline

The main draw to Miss Faline is the walls painted with cute and stylish art. While the walls are pink, the Baby Mary mascot is just edgy enough to match any style. When the shop is closed, the shutters are also decorated so you have plenty of opportunities to take pictures.


6. Coop Olympia

If you’re looking for something less cutesy and pink, Coop Olympia may be the answer. It’s actually an apartment complex from the bubble economy that’s still in use today. It’s so interesting that it’s been featured in the background of many music videos.

You can get the iconic shot from behind the building from the parking lot.


7. Bepocah Peruvian Restaurant

While this is one of the plainer backgrounds on this list, it can be difficult to find a plain colored wall… Especially one that’s such a vibrant yellow color!

Be careful, though. It’s right next to a road so there is a lot of foot traffic and cars passing by. It can be difficult to get a nice shot so approach it with patience.


8. Polo Ralph Lauren Harajuku

For a more nature girl vibe, check out the Polo Ralph Lauren shop in Harajuku. Nearby there is a fake ivy-colored wall. It’s great that it’s fake because the leaves are always a deep and vibrant green, and they look beautiful year round. The wall is huge so you look like you’re totally surrounded by nature.


9. Eddy’s IceCream

Besides having almost too cute to eat ice cream, Eddy’s IceCream also features a lot of great little photo spots. The walls are painted totally pink. They have neon light fixtures and figures on the counters so you can take pictures of your ice cream.

Along the wall they also have some old rotary phones on the wall that you can pose with too. They have something similar at the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles, but if you don’t have the opportunity to go down there you can get a shot here instead!


10. Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Japan

This is a relatively newly painted wall by the Embassy of Brazil. It’s painted in Brazilian-style bright pop colors. It can be a bright and vibrant background, and extremely unique. It’s not on a lot of people’s shot list so you can get an original photo!


11. Honey Mi Honey

Honey Mi Honey also has an outside area dedicated to photo opportunities. There’s a heart shaped bus stop outside that you can pose with.

Inside, if you decide to get something to eat here, you can also pose with the adorably pink interior. There’s a giant ice cream cone as well as a pink tiled shower area. You can get some very cute and unique photos here.