The Best Film Camera Stores in Yokohama, Japan

Not too long ago, you could’ve sworn that film was dead. Costco got rid of their in-house development; film companies like Fujifilm are stopping production on certain films. But recently, film and other analog technologies have seen a slow but steady spike in popularity again.

The Best Film Camera Stores in Yokohama, Japan

In Japan, film never died. You can buy film cameras almost as easily as digital ones. But, as more people visited Japan and gained this information, the supply got worse and good deals became rarer to find. It seems like everyone knows about Shinjuku West Exit’s little camera town and most of the stores have been picked through now.

Luckily, there are other areas of Japan near Tokyo where you can find great deals on cameras, gear, and film. In this post, I’ll be focusing on the best film camera stores in Yokohama, a city south of Tokyo. It’s the second largest city in Japan with a lot to do and see besides just cameras. You can get there in about half an hour from central Tokyo.

Here’s my list of some popular film camera stores in Yokohama. At the top of the list are my favorite stores and why I like them so much. All the way down to the bottom of the list are stores that I don’t recommend visiting unless you’re already in the area. Those are definitely not worth a trip out there alone.

These camera shops are a good mix of locally owned and chains. You may be more inclined to check out the chains because of a better brand reliability. But, all the camera shops on this list, as well as a majority in Japan, are trustworthy and won’t sell you a bad product without advertising its flaws. Just make sure you have your translation app ready.

1. Suzuki Camera (★★★★★)

Location: Inside Yokohama Station
Note: They also have a new location at Motomachi, near Yokohama’s Chinatown. I have not been there so I can’t comment on that shop.


  • 1 hour in-house development

  • Staff is kind and helpful

  • Conveniently located within Yokohama Station

  • Camera prices are almost always a deal and line up with online prices or a little cheaper

  • Carries a LOT of film, including experimental film like Revo


  • Sometimes extremely crowded

  • Very small shop

  • Pricier side for film

  • Camera stock is mostly for enthusiasts not professionals

Website (in Japanese)


2. Onuki Camera (★★★★★)

Location: 5 minute walk from Hinodecho Station (Keikyu Line)


  • Huge presence in the photography community

  • Carry a large quantity of cameras and accessories (any kind of pro camera you want to see, they’ll have it!)

  • Staff is helpful and will try to communicate in English

  • They offer camera repair services


  • Pricing is inconsistent (but nowhere near as expensive as Shinjuku West Side)

  • Camera condition rating is liberal at times

  • Film selection is lacking

Website (in Japanese)


3. Lemon-Sha (★★★★☆)

Location: 8-10 minute walk from Yokohama Station


  • Good chain of high-end camera stores

  • Good price range on items

  • Worthwhile junk section

  • Recently opened in 2019


  • Film selection is lacking

  • Mostly caters to professional buyers

  • Feels clinical, not personal

Website (in Japanese)


4. Champ Camera (★★★☆☆)

Location: See all their stores here!


  • Strong online presence

  • Consistently good prices

  • Good selection of film and accessories

  • Offers quick (sometimes 30 minute) film development


  • Many locations are inconvenient to get to

  • Unbalanced stock: some stores are more film and accessory-focused and others more camera-focused

  • Not many deals to be found

Website (in Japanese)


5. Penguin Camera (★★★☆☆)

The Best Film Camera Stores in Yokohama, Japan (Penguin Camera)

Location: 5 minute walk from Koyasu Station (Keikyu Line)
Note: This is a Yokohama-based chain of camera stores. As of writing, they have three camera shops in the Yokohama area. This review is based on their main store.


  • Not frequented by a lot of people

  • Decent selection of interesting, unique cameras

  • Decent junk section

  • Accurate condition grading

  • Offers online film development service


  • Pricing is inconsistent

  • Moderate selection of film

  • No English services

Website (in Japanese)


While I no longer live in Japan, I am still curious about what other camera shops you know about. Do you have a favorite camera store that you always frequent? Or will you be visiting any on this list to find a new favorite?