Be A Japanese Purikura (Photo Booth) Pro With These 10 Poses

Purikura in Japan is such a fun experience. If you’ve never used one before, you may be wondering what the big deal is. After all, it’s just a photo booth, right?

Be A Japanese Purikura Pro With These 10 Poses

Wrong. Well, not entirely. At their core, purikura machines are booths where you and your friends can pose to take pictures. The pictures are then printed out on a strip, much like a regular photo booth. But with purikura machines, you can customize your picture.

Was your skin looking a bit dull or blemished? Fix it with the built in skin filter tool. Was your makeup not dramatic enough? Apply virtual lipstick or have the AI add bigger eyelashes. Do your eyes look too small? Crank them up to alien size.

Apart from changing yourself, because you’re taking pictures against a green screen, you can change the background. You can also add preloaded images on top of the pictures or write whatever you like with the pen tool.

Purikura is a fun way to pass time with friends and you get a little souvenir to cement the memories. Plus, it’s always fun to see how goofy you look with the eye enlargements and face slimming effects added!

Japanese teenagers are purikura pros. They know what the best machines are and the most stylish poses to make. While you may be familiar with the traditional Japanese peace sign / V for victory sign, that’s just level one. Check out some new poses to up your purikura game!

With the help of pop group NMB48’s Cocona Umeyama and Rei Jonishi, let’s explore some of the newest and cutest purikura power poses! Of course, you don’t need to save these poses only for purikura. Hit the streets and take some amazing Instagram photos with these poses too!

1. The Thinker

Japanese Purikura Poses - Thinking Pose

Actually, this is a popular pose with “cool guys.” In dramas and anime, a character may do something cool then finish it off with this pose. Maybe a glint of sunlight will flash off their eyes too.

I prefer to think of it as a thinking pose. It seems a bit classier and more versatile that way. But it’s up to you! Go demure or all out cool with your expression.

2. Double Peace

Japanese Purikura Poses - Double Peace Sign

You may think the double peace sign is throwing one with each hand. That’s partially true, but the position of your hands is most important.

Instead of next to you or your face, you’re going to arrange your hands in a diamond position. It may look a bit goofy, but it’s a cute way to give the illusion of a slim face. It narrows your forehead and chin!

3. Cat Ears

Japanese Purikura Poses - Cat Ears

For a country that loves cat girls, of course cat ears is a popular pose! I may be biased, but I think it’s super cute.

Plus, you can draw whiskers with the pen tool after your done and make it extra adorable.

4. Bear Ears

Japanese Purikura Poses - Bear Ears

Another animal-inspired look, bear ears are equally as cute.

Channel your inner Rilakkuma with this pose. You could even pair it with a sleepy face to go full lazy bear if you want.

5. Heart Hands

Japanese Purikura Poses - Heart Hands

This pose only works with a pair. Each of you makes half a heart and put it together to form one big heart together! It works with friends as well as on a date.

6. TT Pose

Japanese Purikura Poses - TT Pose

Don’t say the name of this pose aloud. Just kidding; that’s just me being immature.

Supposedly, this pose is borrowed from Korea. The Korean girl group Twice featured this pose in their song “TT” which really made this skyrocket in popularity.

7. Finger-to-Cheek

Japanese Purikura Poses - Finger to Cheek

This cheeky pose works with two people or solo. When you’re in a pair, cross arms and rest your pointer finger on the other person’s cheek.

When you’re alone, just rest one finger on your own cheek. It works paired with a pouty face or a smiling one so try either!

8. Finger Hearts

Japanese Purikura Poses - Korean Finger Hearts

Finger hearts is another pose that originated from Korea. Actually, when I first saw this pose popping up on social media, I was confused. I had no idea it was supposed to be a little heart until someone told me!

It’s more popular outside of purikura, but why not incorporate it in the photo booth! Plus, if you draw hearts with the pen, it looks extra cute.

9. Surprised Pose

Japanese Purikura Poses - Surprised Pose

This pose always reminds me of “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. I called it the surprised pose instead because “The Scream” was a bit too dramatic. But in all reality, it can give off whatever vibe you want. You just need to change your facial expression.

The idols above are smiling, but I’ve commonly seen it with an open mouth expression too. I’m talking a tiny, cute little “o” shaped mouth… Not a giant, jaw-opening scream.

10. Rei’s Pose

Japanese Purikura Poses - Rei Pose

I don’t think anyone actually calls this “Rei’s Pose,” but since that’s what the hashtag on the picture says, I figured I’d keep it!

I’m not sure what it’s supposed to represent, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cute. Who knows? Maybe it’ll catch on!