JET Timeline (From Submitted to Shortlisted)

I understand how exciting it can be applying for a teaching position in Japan. The JET Program is especially stringent on the application timeframe. But after submitting your application, there’s a huge span of time that’s just… waiting.

Waiting to see if you even get an interview. Waiting to see if you get shortlisted. Waiting to see what your placement is. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I understand the struggle.

In order to give you JET hopefuls a general idea of how long this whole process takes, I’ve included two years of JET application timelines below. They’re roughly the same, but you can see how long is usual for you to wait.


JET Application Timeline #1

November 16, 2013: Submitted the online application
January 23, 2014: Notified of my interview
February 21, 2014: Interview at the NYC Consulate
April 1, 2014: Shortlisted!
(April 7, 2014: Turned down position)

JET Application Timeline #2

November 12, 2014: Submitted 2015 application
January 12, 2015: Received interview confirmation!
February 2, 2015: In-Person interview at the DC Consulate
March 30, 2015: Shortlisted!
May 14, 2015: Placement received
(May 25, 2015: Withdrawal from program)
July 31, 2015: Mandatory pre-departure orientation

Now, you may have noticed that I was accepted to JET and turned down the offer twice. A lot of people have asked me how I managed to get a second interview, despite turning down the job the first time around. Read my post on How I Turned JET Down Twice And Still Got Interviewed to find out more.