Interac Yearly Timeline and Contract Renewal Dates

Interac Yearly Timeline and Contract Renewal Dates

You thought that the waiting would be over once you were hired by Interac? I don’t think so. As you know from my Interac application timeline, there’s a lot of waiting involved with this job.

I’ve included the general timeline and contract renewal timeline for the two branches that I’ve worked with, Kansai and South Kanto. Each branch operates differently, so check out the dates for each below:

Kansai Branch

3/2/16: Got word that there is no space for me in Kansai branch (note the time between the end of my contract and me getting this information)

3/4/16: Contacted by Interac Kanto South Branch (Yokohama Branch)

3/5/16: Accepted Kanto South's offer

3/10/16: Received my contract and placement via email

3/10/16: Asked Interac Kanto to help me find housing

3/12/16: Secured a housing location

3/16/16: Received my placement via email

3/19/16: My contract with Interac Kansai ended

Hopefully you’ll never be in a position like mine and have your timeline cut it so close.

Kanto South (Yokohama) Branch

3/26/16: Stopped by the office to pay the housing deposit and pick up the keys

3/6/16: Training schedule received

3/29/16: Entire year schedule received

4/4/16 - 4/8/16: Training in Yokohama

4/1/16: Preliminary meetings with my main school

4/4/16: Preliminary meetings with my second school

4/11/16: My first day

2/7/17: Received my new school placement

3/23/17: My yearly contract ended

This could continue on for the next two years, but unfortunately after I quit Interac, I lost access to the update emails on my company email account. Thankfully, they remain relatively consistent (though I do remember they were a bit late during 2018).