Interac Timeline (From Application to Acceptance)

Teaching in Japan: Interac Timeline

Unfortunately, a lot of applying for teaching in Japan is just waiting. And I get how much it sucks. When you don’t hear things for weeks on end, you get nervous! I’ve been there and I totally understand.

To help ease your mind, I included my application process and the dates I got responses. Below is my Interac program timeline, from submitting my application to accepting the position (and even beyond that).

Originally published June 2017 on Blogger.

Application Process—

January 18, 2015: Submitted Interac application online
January 26, 2015: Received call to schedule phone interview
January 28, 2015: Phone interview
February 28, 2015: In-Person interview
March 13, 2015: File sent to Tokyo
March 18, 2015: Acceptance email!

Paperwork Process—

April 27, 2015: Offer of employment & COE paperwork email
May 17, 2015: Interac main office email request for company resume + company introduction email + “official timeline”*
May 25, 2015: COE application update email
June 14, 2015: General placement and arrival timeframe email
July 7, 2015: Second COE update email (COE is now with the immigration authorities!)
July 22, 2015: COE documents FedEx confirmation email

Final Details—

July 9, 2015: Placement phone call!
July 10, 2015: Placement summary email (more details and pay rate)
July 26, 2015: School placement information
July 31, 2015: Initial training information email
August 17-22, 2015: Initial training in Japan

*Interac’s “Official Timeline” - Autumn Start—

January – JulyJob interviews

May – JulyJob offers

May – end of June (for August arrivals)CoE Documentation. Collecting of documents for your Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) application.

May – November. Update emails such as this one and others asking you to complete tasks such as providing information for your Interac Online resume (see below for details)

JuneArrival month confirmation. We will be contacting all incoming candidates about possible arrival months. We will then inform you of your scheduled arrival month (between August and January).

May – mid July (for August arrivals)CoE Submission. We will start submitting CoE applications from May. Applications will be submitted between one and two months prior to your arrival date. The processing time of a CoE application is currently approximately two weeks.

June onwards. Assignment Placement. The placement team will start contacting recruits about possible placements from June. There a number of reasons why we cannot place recruits earlier.

-          Firstly, the limited number of contracts with client Boards of Education (BoE) that start in Autumn are usually not confirmed until June, so we cannot therefore speak with recruits about positions until it is confirmed Interac is the organization providing ALTs for a particular BoE.

-          Other than the limited number of new client contracts in the summer, the majority of positions that new instructors are assigned to are replacement positions. New instructors are assigned to a position where the current instructor is leaving. Most of these openings are not confirmed until the end of the first term/semester in July.

-          Branch/Recruit preferences. Both the branches and recruits have preferences. Branches are looking for recruits with X,Y and Z and recruits sometimes have location preferences or assignment level (Elementary, Junior High or High School preferences). The placement team introduce recruits to branches, and after a review the branch decides if they would like to introduce a position to a recruit.

-          In conclusion, Interac cannot place recruits in a position until it is confirmed where Interac has contracts and it is confirmed how many instructors are required and what skill set/s are required.

June onwards. Visa Application. Your approved CoE will be sent to you by FedEx. You will then apply for your Instructor’s visa at a Japanese Embassy/Consulate overseas.

June onwardsPre-boarding training. Between one and two months before your arrival you will be contacted by the training team and invited to pre-boarding online training.

June onwards. Social media. Between one and two months before your arrival you will be invited to join our official Facebook group. A large number of current instructors are in the group and a lot of your everyday life and general teaching questions can be answered by the group.